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develop the power and strength they have always dream of; power and strength they are unaware of, which they possess.

Learning martial arts is an arduous journey, but one filled with both tangible and intangible rewards. We offer program that are much more than martial arts and self defense; Donald’s Shootfighting classes, have been aiding students of all ages by providing our students with the confidence to reach for and achieve their goals through Martial Arts and Fitness Programs. With discipline and devoted practice, students achieve greater physical vitality, flexibility, mind, and self confidence. Additionally, as each individual moves slowly upward through the ranks, their concentration and spiritual awareness grows

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 Martial arts have been
portrayed through history as
mystical, but in fact there is nothing magical about them. Martial arts are a combination of art and physical skills developed through discipline and hard work by dedicated practitioners. Students of all ages who begin to study martial arts with an open mind and a serious attitude can expect to

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